Berdasarkan pengalaman saya ketika mencari artikel jenis-jenis teks bahasa Inggris dalam mengerjakan tugas, saya menemui kesulitan untuk mengumpulkan teks-teks seperti Hortatory Exposition, Anecdote dsb.

Oleh karena itu, dengan artikel ini saya harap bisa sedikit menjadi referensi bagi pembaca yang menemukan kesulitan dalam mencari jenis-jenis teks bahasa Inggris.



The Ambarawa Train Museum houses 21 antique locomotives plus two more, which are stored in the depot. These locomotives are no longer produced; even the factories that made them no longer exist. The main building of this museum is the defunct Ambarawa railway station which was built in 1873. the station covers 127,500 m2.

The oldest in this museum is a locomotive made by Hartman Chemnitz. This locomotive, with a length of 8.58 m and a width of 2.45 m, began its operation in 1891. Using wood as fuel, the steam locomotive could run 50 km/h – its maximum speed.

A special part of a visit to this museum is a trip by train from the Ambarawa Train Museum to the defunct Bedono train station. This package tour is called Railway Mountain Tour. Why is the trip so special? Because the participants will board an antique train and the train will travel on a 4.9 kilometer-cog railway, which is the only one in the world.


How to make peanut crunch

What you’ll need :

v     1 cup of peanuts

v     3 cups of brown sugar

v     2 tablespoons of vinegar

v     1 cup of water

What to do :

Place the sugar, water and vinegar into a large saucepan.

Stir slowly over a low heat until the sugar is disolved

Add peanuts , increase the heat and allow to boil

Remove from the heat when the nuts have craked and the mixture appears golden brown

Allow bubbles to settle

Spoon into small paper patty cases or pour the mixture into a flat greased pan and mark into bite-size pieces.

Makes enough Peanut Crunch for six people.


Long ago on the top of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo, there lived a dragon. He owned a large and beautiful pearl. People believed that he controlled the weather with it.

The emperor of China heard this and wanted the pearl. He sent his two sons, Wee Ping and Wee San to Borneo to steal it. The princes, together with one hundred soldiers, set sail for Borneo in twelve sailing junks.

When they arrived in Borneo, The set out immediately to find the famous mountain. Their journey up the rugged slopes of Mount Kinabalu proved very difficult. The dragon guarded his cave very fiercely and killed many of their soldiers.

Then Wee San had a clever idea. He climbed a tall tree, so he could see the dragon’s cave. He noted what time the dragon left his cave to hunt for food and what time he returned  to it.

Next he ordered his men to make a fake pearl and a large kite. He waited until the dragon left his cave. Then he placed the fake pearl in a bag, slung it across his shoulder and flew up to the mountain-top on the kite. He exchanged the real pearl for the fake one and then his brother pulled his kite back to the ground.

The brothers quickly returned to their ships and set sail for China. They sailed safely home. The emperor was thrilled with the pearl and gave a big party to celebrate his sons’ return.


Fax Machine

Fax, the short term for facsimile is a telecommunications technology used to transfer copies (facsimiles) of documents, especially using affordable devices operating over the telephone network. The word telefax, short for telefacsimile, for “make a copy at a distance”, is also used as a synonym. The device is also known as a telecopier in certain industries. When sending documents to people at large distances, faxes have a distinct advantage over postal mail in that the delivery is nearly instantenous, yet its disadvantages in quality and its proprietary format have relegated it to a position beneath email as the prevailing form of electronic document tranferral.


A visit to a sheep property

Last holidays I visited a sheep property. I helped in the shearing sheds and in the yards.

On the first day the Merino wethers were crutched. I helped by sweeping up after the rouseabout picked up the wool pieces. Shearers start early (at 7.30 am).

After lunch, we started shearing the lambs. There were more than 400 so we didn’t finish until the next day. Once again I was sweeping and picking up dags.

I was tired by the end of the day in the shed but our work wasn’t finished. We all had to help to get the wethers and lambs back into the paddocks. As well, we had to get a mob of ewes and their lambs into the yards for shearing the next day. Then it was time for tea (that’s what my nanna calls dinner).

This was a very long day but I enjoyed it a lot.


The Jakarta Post ,  Jakarta

A consumer report released Saturday showed Soekarno-Hatta International Airport’s toilets received the most complaints of eight airport facilities surveyed. The survey, conducted by the Indonesian Consumers Organization (YLKI), showed 46 percent of the total 955 complaints on airport facilities were targeted at toilets.

The other eight were prayer rooms, sign boards, X-rays, trolleys, waiting rooms, parking lots, airport information and eating places. Complaints about prayer rooms came in second at 14 percent. YLKI member Indah Sukmaningtyas said the complaints were received by text message (SMS), phone, fax, mail and the Internet.

YLKI announced its survey Saturday in a discussion that featured airport customers and employees among the speakers. Airport customer Atsih said the toilets were poorly maintained. “Airport toilets reflect the country. But toilets at Soekarno-Hatta are poorly maintained and dirty. Sometimes there’s no water, tissues or rubbish bins,” said Atsih, who works at a travel agency.

The head of Soekarno-Hatta airport, Haryanto, said operator Angkasa Pura II confirmed the findings, saying it had also received complaints about toilet facilities. “Since we began operating the toilets in 1985, we have never renovated them due to the lack of budget. But this year, we will renovate about 100 toilets and improve their maintenance and cleaning. We will also build some toilets in the parking area. We promise,” Haryanto said. He added the operator would also try to raise awareness among airport users. “Many toilet users still do not know how to use the toilets correctly. We need to educate them.”


With indexing of 460 periodicals as far back as 1984 and full text of 131 journals from 1997, Art Full Text’s coverage of fine, decorative, and commercial art is international in scope for periodicals published in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Dutch. Users search the product using basic and advanced functions and a subject thesaurus developed specifically for Wilson’s art databases. Searchers may limit results by date, physical description, and document type (e.g., art reproductions); these options help researchers zero in on a single artist or an individual work. Searches may also be limited by full-text and PDF page images, and by whether an article is peer-reviewed. Daily updates make this product imperative for the student or scholar researching timely topic.

In Art Index Retrospective: 1929-1984, 55 years of art journalism are accessible to researchers. Also covering fine, decorative, and commercial art, this resource provides an opportunity for long-forgotten and underused information from print editions of Art Index to resurface and benefit students, educators, and art historians while stimulating use of older periodical collections as well. Like Art Full Text, this database offers articles in five languages in addition to English. Information is retrieved using WilsonWeb’s seamless interface, with its All Smart Search feature that rewards beginners with results comparable to those found by an experienced searcher. Wilson’s in-house indexing reconciles subject headings and name variants to ensure comprehensive results. The interface’s search utility automatically switches search terms like “action painting” to “abstract expressionism” so that users get results despite their lack of knowledge of preferred terminology. Art Index Retrospective is another indispensable resource for scholars.

Summing Up: Highly recommended. Both databases: for lower-level undergraduates and above.


General and New Soldier

A man recently appointed general in the army was sitting in his new office when a new soldier walked in. Wishing to impress the new soldier, the general picked up the telephone and said, “Yes, Mr. President. I m glad you like my suggestions. ll come by and give you a more detailed report at the White House a little later this week.” After hanging up the telephone the general asked,” Now, soldier, what can I do for you?”

“Nothing much, sir,” said the soldier. I just came in to connect your telephone.”


The Picher of Death

You may have heard of a plant called the Picher of Death. As you can probably tell by its name, it kills and eats insects. If you want to know how, read on!

To catch flies and other insects, this  plant needs a bait and a trap. The bait in this case in nectar. The trap is the cup or ‘pitcher’ shaped leaves which have short hairs at the top to give the insect a sure foothold, but slippery hairs pointing downwards, so it can’t escape once it falls in. the other part of the trap is a digestive fluid inside the cup.

How it catches the insect is really quite simple. First the insect is attracted by the nectar. Then it slips on the smooth inner surface of the plant. Next it is forced downwards by the slippery hairs. Then it falls into the digestive fluid and is drowned.

An interesting fact about this plant is that the pitcher leaves can grow to the size of a fully grown adult’s hand.



I believe that you should always wear a hat at school when you are playing outside , to stop you from getting sunburn. Firstly, if you don’t wear a hat, you will get sunburn ant the sunburn is painful. Secondly, sunburn could lead to skin cancer. Sunburn can lead to health problems later in life. Many older people suffer from skin cancer which can kill them. In my opinion all school students should wear hats.


Country Concern

In all the discussion over the removal of lead from petrol (and the atmosphere) there doesn’t seem to have been any mention of the difference between driving in the city and the country. While I realize my leaded petrol car is polluting the air wherever I drive, I feel that when you travel through the country, where you only see the another car every five to ten minutes, the problem is not as severe as when traffic is concentrated on city roads.

Those who want to penalize older, leaded petrol vehicles and their owners don’t seem to appreciate that, in the country, there is no public transport to fall back upon and one’s own vehicle is the only way to get about. I feel that the country people, who often have to travel huge distances to the nearest town and who already spend a great deal of money on petrol, should be treated differently to the people who live in the city.



There was a lot of disscusion about whether boxing should be banned. The  people who agree with this idea, such as Sarah, claim that if they do carry on boxing they should wear something to protect their heads. They also argue that people who do boxing could have brain damage and get seriously hurt. A further point they make is that most of the people that have died did have families.

However, there are also strong arguments againts this point of view. Another group of people believe that boxing should not be banned. They say that why they ivent it if is a dangerous sport. They say that boxing is a good sport, people enjoy it. A furthermore reason is if they ban boxing it will ruin people’s careers.

After looking at the different points of view and the evidence for them i think boxing should be banned because five hundred people have died in boxing since 1884.


Snake in the Bath

How would you like to find a snack in your bath? A nasty one too!

We had just moved into a new house, which had been empty for so long that everything was in a terrible mess. Anna an I decide we would clean the bath first, so we set to, and turned on the tap. Suddenly to my horror, a snake’s head appeared in the plug-hole. Then out slithered the rest of his long thin body.He twisted and turned on the slippery bottom of the bath, spitting and hissing at us. For an instant I stood there quite paralysed.Then i yelled for my husband,who luckily came running and killed the snake with the handle of a broom. Anna, who was only three at the time, was quite interested in the whole business. Indeed i had to pull her out of the way or she’d probably have leant over the bath to get a better look!


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